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What is the best way to mutually cancel the order? so it won\'t effect my sales


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So many seller order basic gigs for their custom requests and they won’t discuss the design before placing the order.
Which in turn force me to ask them mutually cancel the order.
so they can order again after discussing the price and design.

But now fiverr makes some changes in cancellation procedure.

They gives me the below warnings

  1. Weaken Order Completion Rate
    Cancelling this order might hurt your business.

  2. Listing placement could change
    Your listing may appear further down in the search results.

This one even more scaring

=> Order Completion calculated?
The Order Completion formula is the number of cancellations subtracted from 100% over the seller’s lifetime total of orders, including buyer-initiated, seller-initiated and mutual cancellations.

So I want to know what is the best way you would choose to mutually cancel the order without effecting your sales or listing ?

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Don’t mutually cancel. It sucks, but you will be affected one way or the other, even if the buyer is obviously in the wrong. Fiverr doesn’t explicitly track mutual cancellations, but I know for a fact that they monitor them. It’s better to try and work with the seller (which I appreciate is easier said than done in some cases…)

Also, affect, not effect.

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I have same question, Do you really know now that Mutual cancellation affect anything or not?

Fiverr warns us.


  1. Loss of revenue - This proves true - Fiverr loses money hence the reason they warn you about canceling it!

  2. It will “HURT” your business.

  3. Your listing WILL/COULD change - No seller wants this to happen and we’re given no further explanation as to how many cancelation attempts will affect your listing.

I guess… try to limit the amount of cancellations you do!

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