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Gig Packages available in all Music & Audio subcategories


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Hi Sellers,

We’re happy to announce that Gig Packages are now available in all Music & Audio subcategories!
Gig Packages give you the freedom to set your starting price anywhere from $5 to $995. Buyers love them because they’re easier to understand, and you’ll love them because of the average increased revenues!

Building a Package requires the usage of Fiverr-defined Package Attributes, which represent the most frequently-used service components in a subcategory. Because of this, it’s important to ensure your Gig is organized in the proper subcategory. Please take a moment to review the Music & Audio subcategory descriptions. You can click on any subcategory to read a Fiverr Academy entry with in-depth Package attribute descriptions as well as examples of well-designed Packages.


Session Musicians & Singers (formally Session Musicians): Are you a musical gun-for-hire? This subcategory is for instrumentalists and singers who will record whatever the buyer needs them to play (no songwriting or composing).

Singer-Songwriters (formally Singers & Songwriters): Don’t go anywhere without your lyrics notebook, microphone, and acoustic guitar? This subcategory is for you. You write and perform both lyrics and melodies, and maybe you even play piano or guitar. You are not a full-fledged recording studio, but what you lack in engineering polish you make up for in creativity and heart.

Producers & Composers: You are a full-fledged record producer or beat creator. You have the recording equipment to shepherd a song from scribble on a cocktail napkin to a fully-produced music track. You may not be the singer but you’re definitely a central creative force.

Mixing & Mastering: Are you a master of post-production? This subcategory is for master audio engineers who can squeeze every ounce out of pre-recorded music. There are two basic types of Gigs in this subcategory: Music Post-Production, and Podcast/Spoken Word Post-Production. Please select one when building your Package, as it will determine which Package Attributes you get to work with.

Jingles & Drops: The name of the game in short & sweet. Commercial Jingles and DJ/Radio drops are all under sixty seconds and intended for performance or broadcast use. Much like Mixing & Mastering, you will need to choose the service type of your gig (either Jingles or Drops) to properly construct your package.

Sound Effects: Are you a foley artist making your own custom sound effects? Do you have a library of fully-licensed stock effects which you can match to your buyers’ exact needs? Set up shop here!

And as many of you know, Packages have been open in Voice Over all year, so be sure to upgrade your Voice Over Gig to Packages as well if you haven’t already!

Thanks for reading, and happy selling!

The Fiverr Team

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