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Not getting any Jobs Even in level one


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Are you bidding on jobs on the Buyers Requests page? Or posting your own gig there?

I’ve been in the design industry for 20+ years, running my own design consulting business for 10 years. I looked at your gig and I have a suggestion that I hope you don’t take the wrong way:

Post examples of minimalist logos. Your logos are busy and have many colors, and may be scaring people off from hiring you.

In my opinion, a logo must pass the “squint test” – if you hold it at arm’s length and squint you still have to be able to recognize it. Think the Nike “swoosh” logo, or the Pepsi logo. They pass the squint test.

If you like more busy designs, then try a different gig for vector illustration work or similar. I don’t see the same problem with your other gigs – just this one that you pointed out. The samples are cluttered and busy. The 3d logo is fine. It’s relatively simple even though it’s 3D.

Do a simple Google image search on “Logos” and start scrolling until you see a pattern. The Hartford is words + a deer silhouette. Merrill Lynch – similar, it’s the Bull + words all 1 color. Pepsi, 3 colors (if white is a color – in this case it is.)

Logos need to work not only on a website, but on apparel (embroidery, screen printing), promotional products (etching, screen printing) and in plain black & white (when printing black-only on paper) etc.

In fact a great “gig extra” is a Black-only version of the logo. A logo is too cluttered if you can’t come up with a clever way to make it 1 color.

Best of luck!

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