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Mobile app customer feedback


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Hi fiverr, when you are asking for a customer feedback, you are expecting me to fill out the form on a mobile device like this? Seriously? With lots of required fields? With proving, I’m not a robot? Your UX team must have a good sense of humor. Especially if you switch the apps and then return back - all your nicely written stuff just disappears.

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Hi freewi11,
Human verification is compulsory This is because they need to determine if you are a hacker/spammer. A hacker will most likely rely on a bot to derive whatever good comes of having many accounts for their own nefarious purposes. It is probably they will want to access confidential information or attempt to modify results of polls or surveys etc. To combat this, captcha codes are used. Don’t forget that a bot can wreck havoc or do some pretty serious damage including bringing your website offline. Imagine if that happened here on Quora. Auto programs that are capable of overwhelming the site with never stopping requests do exist. Generally speaking, it is better to have preventative measures to stop them in the first place then to try and repair the damage that was caused afterwards.

Required field is compulsory because fiverr need those information to proceed the request easily and answer you ASAP

About the written stuff disappears , Fiverr needs some updates to fix that

Best regards

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