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What can Fiverr do if a buyer open a case via PayPal

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The same thing for Paypal, they go with seller at every point to protect seller when harmful buyers do this.

That is Paypal ask the seller to give shipping details if the item required shipping, otherwise proof for work is done and delivered to buyer.

After Paypal got them from the seller they submit them to card issuer of the buyer, then card issuer transfer the amount to paypal acc. of the seller again, and deduct that amount from the buyer’s card, if those proofness can be acceptable.

I don’t know Fiverr has this action or somthing similar to it.

Anyhow, if Fiverr start/keep that kind of service, it is better to have this awesome site, live with us together.

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Reply to @bachas85: yes fiverr account suspended by detecting respective paypal email or just the fiverr sign up email?

An administrator should see this thread.

It should be in this way:: when detect a paypal account which has open a case previously, the system should suspend the account immediately.

Otherwise one can do this opening number of fiverr account and using the same paypal account.

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