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Bad Feedback or Lower Gig Rankings?


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I offer a gig where I provide a list of brand name suggestions, and had a client contact me today and remark that he wasn’t happy with the list of names I provided. He only ordered my entry-level $5 gig where I just brainstorm a list of names, but don’t provide revisions or any type of domain name extension research (which is a gig extra).

On his original order of 5 names, I actually provided a list of 8, so I over-delivered in that regard. But as you can imagine, this type of service is very subjective based on the client’s personal tastes. Some love the names, some hate them, it’s all par for the course with this type of service.

Since it was a $5 gig, and he wasn’t happy with the first lot of naming suggestions, I sent him a very pleasant message and politely suggested we mutually cancel the order. As a seller, I understand I’m not the perfect fit for everyone, and I’m ok with that. There’s a lot of great sellers here that offer the same service, and I’m sure he can find someone that will fit his needs better than I. Also, I’m convinced that if I revised the order, my chances of getting a great review from him would be very slim.

As I started the mutual cancellation process, Fiverr informed me that this may affect where my gigs list in searches, but I didn’t want to risk a permanent ding on feedback scores. So my question to everybody here is, when faced with either a possible negative review or getting bumped down in ranking, which option would you choose?

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