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Few things to remember before ordering a website


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Hello good people,

Fiverr if getting bigger everyday with lot of awesome services. Credit goes to experienced, expert & dedicated sellers and awesome Fiverr buyers. Its a community where people can get quality services in affordable price. I am really happy to be a part of Fiverr family.

Getting to the point, recently Fiverr is getting popular for “Complete website service” (mostly WordPress) which save piles of money of buyers. The service is getting better and better as sellers are offering varieties of offers which adds an extra gear to the service.

Even though these services are good enough, buyers should still be careful while purchasing a service. I am saying this before these services are the most expensive ones at the community. You will always get offerings like “Get high quality, professional, discounted, Bla bla at affordable price!” - Well don’t get full by the offerings. If you spend little bit of your time, you can find out what quality of service you are going to get, even before ordering it.

I am sharing few useful things from “Buyer’s point of view”:

  1. Don’t judge a service with the offered price, analyze and compare it first -

Its not wise to immediately come to a decision whether a service is good or bad considering its offered price. Different developers have different strategies, offered price is out of the question until you go through the features and judge its quality. always remember “NOTHING IS FREE, QUALITY/PROFESSIONAL STUFFS ARE EXPENSIVE”

  1. If the seller is offering premium template/theme/Plugins, ask for detail -

Its recommended to know what you are getting. If a seller offers you a premium theme/plugin, ask him whether its nulled (crack version of original template/plugins) or original. DO NOT take the service if its not owned by him. Nulled templates are one of the main reason your website gets hacked, injected with virus and other suspicious codes.

  1. Quality & Professionalism -

Of course its one of the main requirement while ordering a website. One of the easiest way to judge the quality is to ask for previous works or portfolio (popular/common practice). But please remember to justify whether the shown example of works/portfolio is really developed by the seller or not. You can ask him questions about his previous works, how he implemented features, how he will implement those to your website etc. You don’t need to be too technical to do this, this is just to understand whether the seller is selling his own experience or cheating on you.

  1. Website security, speed and optimization

You might already know its very important that your website is secured, fast and optimized for search engine. Remember that your SEO guy is not going to fix your website coding, structure or overall loading speed. Basically its a job of your web developer to do it at very first place during the development. So make sure whether he will do it or not. Ask him what type of security he will implement on the website and why its useful.

  1. Responsive/Mobile device optimized

Its a MUST requirement for the websites these days as almost everyone is using Smartphones these days to browse websites and Apps. You need to make sure that your website is mobile device optimized before getting the delivery.

  1. Always consult before the order

Its highly recommended to consult with the seller about the service and each feature you will get with the Gig. Make sure there is no “Hidden Agenda” or “Unexpected Surprises” for you which reveals during the development period. It usually leads you to frustration or a dead end.

I hope these points will help you to buy a better website! Its important that your pay good money for good services. I will keep posting more useful tips for websites, themes, plugins and other features.

God bless all Fiverr people 🙂

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Great points.
-Don’t accept nulled theme. Ask if the seller have the original theme.

  • Once seller show you sample of theme you may like immediately. But before selecting the theme check the theme performance. Search " google page speed insight" and pingdom tool to check loading time of demo theme.

Inform all your requirement first, It is always appreciable if you draw a image in your mind with content planning. Then inform to seller if they can provide that.


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Websites are essential for businesses to succeed, it is more important than ever, the problem is with many people on fiverr and outside fiverr are offering Premium Templates.

What many business owners and clients don’t understand is that Premium Templates are built with no client in mind, that means more complexity, less SEO friendly, slower website, hard to scale and maintain, and template has to come loaded with every possible bit of code that any client may perhaps need.

While custom templates can be kept lightweight, not to mention that website speed plays a big role in your search engine ranking, moreover they are custom to fit the client’s needs, which makes the design fits your business.

With Premium templates your website will look like everyone’s else website, and it will not make you look any better than other businesses, you need to be unique and stand out in the market.

A lot of clients think it is a cheaper solution to buy a pre-made template, they don’t know that it will cost them so much more once they start customizing the template, because like I mentioned above, that premium templates come with no client in mind, and with so much complexity because they have to write a code that meets everyone needs, which means more code is written to meet all the possible scenarios.

Also customizing a premium template will ruin your SEO for many many reasons, if you are not a technical person “google is your friend”

Last but not least a lot of newbies are offering websites, however they are not real developers, they only know how to install a template, and it is a rip off it takes you 5 minutes to install a template, only uploading and pushing a button, however anyone can pick up a camera and call themselves a photographer, however it takes more than pushing a button to getting great pictures!

I get a lot of clients in fiverr and outside fiverr telling me that they have been ripped off, and the developer they hired just ruined everything instead of helping them achieve their goals:

  1. He wasted the clients valuable time.
  2. He wasted their money.
    It’s sad but true: Many people think frontend development is dying or dead however I see the opposite, in the near future premium templates will be out of business and people will start getting back to using custom templates designed to meet their needs & goals.

What is worse a lot of so-called developers are taking advantage of premium templates and selling them to clients, by just pushing buttons, so it is up to you to either pay $200 for a 5 minutes work.

Or pay twice more for a custom work done to meet your business needs.

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Correct, I have wrote this article as a customer point of view based on my development experience for the people who use to face such condition. In these years I have worked for customers and have faced real-time situations, each of them are different than another. I hope few people will find them useful 🙂

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