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I didn’t receive order requestes from potential buyers since two weeks


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I have an IT background in Fiverr. I have become a Fiverr level two seller before two weeks ago and recently I am facing lack of requests from potential buyers. Why I mentioned it as potential buyers because, I got lot of messages from Fiverr sellers rather than buyers. Most of them are irrelevant like asking for e-commerce site development but they are doing content writing. Anyway I was positive and asked more questions and most of them are willing to pay just $5 for an e-commerce website as an example. So now I am little fed-up about this market.

Yes I agree that this a free market where have many ways and many strategies to sell products. But what I experienced is when we do such intermediate works; there is an 80% of possibility to fail that delivery than we directly dealing with buyers. Because, intermediates are taking this jobs without understanding and we can’t keep good communication with customers like we do contact them directly. Sometime what we are doing is different than what customers expect so they get poor service and lead to many cancellation and bad reviews. And intermediate may not think twice to give bad reviews on our profile too.
Please correct me if I am wrong. But hope this is unlike a physical market place but this is a virtual market where this has limitations. Hope everyone is here to take potential advantages from the Fiverr market. But in this way, I feel like buyers are blind to take poor service rather than sellers.

And this is not a complaint or to disrespect someone else but I just feel like this can be more realistic if we have such a policy to protect buyers and sellers. It may be just a customer awareness to avoid such satiations. Because, Fiverr is a marvelous place to work.

I may respect any comments. And this is just an idea in my mind and according to my experiences.


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