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How to start a new gig


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Hey ,

I am new here on fiverr and have no work yet and i know this tip today and want to share with newbies . Because fiverr is like a family .I want to tell you how to get traffic and get more orders .There are 3 basic rules you have to follow.

1: Believe in yourself

First tip is to believe in yourself because here intelligence does not works.On fiverr you have to make believe in yourself and work with patientsMost people make this mistake please try to understand that this is the biggest mistake.

  1. Value your work

Second tip is very important for success . Value is the most important thing that makes success closer to a man .Value your work and to your buyers.That makes your work perfect .

  1. Make a timetable.

Third one tip is very effective for you and your buyer.Because If you send offer’s at night and the buyer was in good sleep this makes him angry and you will lost your offer.Try to send offers at morning.

Thanks hope you best of luck.


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