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Hi, im new in fiverr, and i want to know how can i promote my gigs


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Good morning/night guys, im new here and i would love to have my first costumer, but my gigs have no views, ¿is because my gigs are not interesting? or i have to do something special to promote them? please help, i dont whant to give up

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Dear Helen:

In The Hunger Games movies, Lenny Kravitz was Jennifer Lawrence’s “costumer” – he was so good at it the government executed him. I think you’re looking for your first “customer”.

Here is a checklist to help you improve your gigs.

It’s far too early in your Fiverr career to think about giving up. You should plan for it to takes months of dedicated work to build up your reputation and customer base.

In the meantime, study Fiverr Academy, listen to Fiverrcast, read books and watch YouTube tutorials. Iterate your gigs to make them better. Study copy writing or hire a copy writer.

Do something every day to make your gigs that much better…

Good luck,

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