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Rated orders turned into unrated orders


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Hi All,

I had a client and completed 21 orders with him. I completed all those order at a very cheap rate and work very hard to satisfy the client. All those orders were rated 5 stars by the client. After the completion of almost 2 months of these orders. He started having troubles in his application for which I have written some APIs. He started blaming me for that and wanted me to revamp all that work that I did for him and of course without any cost.

I was very helpful to him because of a good relationship that I had with him and tried my best to convince him that I can fix the issue that he was having but he kept on asking me to rewrite everything from scratch for him and gave me a self-made deadline. I could not do that, because I was busy in other tasks.

After his self-made deadline was over, I noticed that all of the 21 orders turned unrated. I am NOT happy with Fiverr for giving this option to buyers that they can change our ratings any time they want even after months of accepting our orders and rating us 5 stars.

We pay 20% of our money to Fiverr and Fiverr doesn’t even care for us 😦

I don’t know how to contact to Fiverr and I want to request Fiverr to restore my ratings. 21 ratings are a lot of ratings. I want them back.

Any Suggestions…?

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You can go to the Customer Support page and fill out a ticket to contact Fiverr. Buyers have about 3 days to change their rating.

Your buyer must have gone to CS, explained the problem and asked Fiverr to remove the reviews. If they had asked to change the rating to a negative, Fiverr would say no, but removing a rating is a neutral act. Fiverr is very unlikely to put reviews back. Good luck.

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