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The best way to get your first order and more


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Create an awesome gig, get fiverr app from playstore. remain 24/7 online and active for a week.

Be the first person who send offer to requests in buyer requests page as soon as page reloads.

Give revisions, low rates, free samples or any other offer you can give , so the buyer attracts towards your offer and you can get your first order.

Observe the best time when buyer requests page gets new requests, Set the time to your alarm and be there at the right time.

Ask them to inbox if you are not sure what the request is about.
Free samples is important before they place the order, but make sure to protect your design with watermarks and reduce the size to thumbnail, so they won’t use it without even paying.

Note: this will not only help you get your first order, but also helps you get daily order from buyer requests.

P.s -This is how I reached at level 2 seller.

Feel free to ask here or in the INBOX , if you’r struggling to get your first order or daily orders.

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Guest beautifulnoize

This is really helpful I just setup an account today and am excited to begin selling. Thank you very much for sharing the wealth of knowledge.

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create as many as gigs you can make for different categories.
You’ll see more requests in buyer requests and more chances to get offers
And don’t worry it takes time , I got my first order after 4-5 months.
Sometime you need to show buyer actual result before they place the order.

hope that helps you 🙂

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going in to recommend section will not help you get orders.
There are 100’s of new seller’s like you, why would anyone order there, when there’ are higher level seller with good reviews.
But using buyer requests might help you get your first order.
Try buyer requests daily.

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I am one of those buyers who likes to hire newbies. It’s the best way to find raw talent. By golly, there are some really, I mean really great seller’s out there who needs a chance. I like being the first one to finding that “Diamond” and posting their first 5 Star review. 🙂

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