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Please check my gig and tell me about improvement


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Dear Muhammad And Shehzad:

Here is a checklist to help you improve your gigs.

Please listen to the Fiverrcast episode “Working Through Language”.

You need to polish your English: spelling, grammar, punctuation.

I took a crack at cleaning up your profile text (please note that immature Americans will take the phrase, “You will definitely come again,” the wrong way):

We are a team of two people, Muhammad And Shehzad. Muhammad is a professional web designer and Shehzad is a professional graphic designer. We have experience with Word Press, Woo Commerce, website design, cartoon sketching, logo design, business cards, and Photo Shop editing.
We strive to ensure that you are so pleased with our work that you will choose to work with us again and again.

All your gigs need videos and at least 3 images.

I suggest you add GIMP and Canva as key words to attract more Buyers. Canva is designed to be easy to learn and to use. It was developed in Australia, so including it may open up that market for you.

Good luck,

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