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Why isn't anyone buying my gig?


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Fiverr is for people who work, not for people who want the world to hand them everything.

I’ve taken a quick look at your profile – your only gig is for writing in English. This is a huge category here on Fiverr and it takes a lot of effort, marketing, and luck to compete. Your gig is vague – you need to find a niche to write in. Sorry, but few people will even see your gig, let alone order it because 1) it’s vague 2) you have no reviews or samples and 3) the price isn’t that competitive here on Fiverr. Plenty of people write 500 words for $5, so maybe you should offer more words for $5 so you can get great reviews and build yourself up.

Respond to Buyer Requests when you feel you can adequately write on the topics requested. A quick intro, a bit about your writing experience and how it relates to their needs, and a polite thank you will generally get you a response. You have 10 of these a day, so only apply to requests which you know you can do spectacularly. At the beginning, a single imperfect review will sink your Fiverr career. It’s one of the ways Fiverr weeds out those who are serious and those who are not.

Market yourself on social media, hire someone to make a nice picture for your gig, adjust your prices, play with SEO via keywords and tags, put up some writing samples, find your niche… do your own research on how to fix your own problems. Fiverr is just a platform – you still have to do the work yourself!

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Only use 1 exclamation point please!!! No professional writer is going to do the juvenile trick of multiple exclamation points.

As a professional writer, write a longer more descriptive description of what you offer. Don’t brag that you did this and that and are a great writer. Put your best effort into displaying how well you write in your description of your service.

Put together an award winning example of your writing to sell yourself in the gig description.

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