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How to Make your Fiverr Profile charming [CLOSED]


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Here I tell you some basic tips for earning more from Fiverr . Fiverr is powerful freelancing website which generates massive income for you if you are expert in any field here I share some basic tricks & tips for creating an eye-catching profile
which attract numbers of buyers to your gigs

1- Use your real name instead of using username

2 - Give your gig title in professional way that looks you are an expert in required field

3- Upload a profile picture in high resolution and in smiling face and good background
and very close shoot never use the image that too far image that too far give bad impact on buyer

4 - Describe your area of expertise in any field and briefly explain what you do and never tell a lie to write those things in which you are expert

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Guest designssss

I have created a account here buy user name give designssss
there will any problem?
and how can I increase my sells?
Thanks All

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I actually disagree with some of your tips, and apparently you do also since you aren’t following some of your own.

Posting under your real name can be risky. Some people do, especially if they are already online with their real names and have a professional career that is showcased under their real names. It is a very personal choice and a buyer has no way of knowing if you use your real name or not unless you are a celebrity.

Uploading a profile picture of a certain type is also very personal. Smiles are generally not a bad idea and using a real picture can help you IF it is not a stock photo. Some people with graphic design gigs may find it smarter to use a logo they designed or otherwise showcase their skills with their profile pictures.

A very close shot (which you are not using on your own profile) can sometimes highlight flaws or be too glaring. Each user should choose a picture that suits their own needs.

One thing that does improve your profile is having a level badge. Of course, we all start as non-leveled sellers and that is fine. However, the badge does help and making your profile stand out by offering tips when you are not yet leveled may not be the best strategy for a new user.

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Oh, one more thing to @zaibrao481 - At least one of your main gig images is being used on a large number of advertising sites for solutions to everything from acne to mosquito bites. If you track it down to the copyright owner, it does not appear to be you. This is also not a wise strategy. Your gig images should be your own work or should be credited to the owner.

In your case, you are displaying someone else’s work as an example of what you can do, so it makes your profile appear to be deceptive. In your own tips you say “never tell a lie” and that is one piece of good advice.

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