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My first fiverr experience


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I picked someone who was a #1 rated seller, sent her a message beforehand and asked if she could do a job, six articles on the basics of writing for amateur authors (she said she could). Ordered the articles from her, and then 1/2 hour before the time to send me the articles was up I got a message saying my order was complete.

I went to dashboard, clicked and downloaded a file that contained about a paragraph of text saying “sorry I couldn’t get your order to you in time I had PC problems, I sent this message to you like this to stop the clock”

She assured me she would get the articles to me. I asked how long, she said 24 hours. It has been 26 hours.

Does this kind of thing happen a lot? This is my first time ordering on Fivver.

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So its been about a month now and I thought I would update any new buyers on my fivver experience.

After cancelling the first order I got a nice seller to do it for me. She delivered on time with no drama, however it was obvious from her writing that English wasn’t her first language but it was so cheap I cant complain about having to do a little editing. Gave her five stars and looked for someone else.

I picked someone else who said they where from the United states. The Articles were delivered 24 hours late but excellent quality. Give her 5 stars. BUT, I put one on my blog and get a call from an seo friend of mine who asks me what the hell am I doing. I check the article and its all garble underneath the web page. Try to save it as text in my word processor and it turns to garble. Perplexed I ask my seo guy and he says it was probably saved in Unicode instead of ANSI. I have to retype the articles but I am still ok with that. Told the seller about the problem ordered 5 more articles and this is where it got weird. It was like I was messaging with an entirely different person that spoke very poor English. The next set of articles are no where near the quality of the first and still garbely code outside of the native doc format. Still going back and forth with the seller over that now.

Ordered some twitter followers and this was my best experience to date. I didn’t pick any of those “we will send 1000’s of followers” as that sounded to good to be true. I picked a seller that promised 180 max and he delivered. The followers have actually interacted with me and I now have a bustling twitter account.

I still have 2 orders waiting to be delivered but so far I have had 2 1/2 good orders and 1 1/2 bad experiences

Conclusion for new buyers:

  1. Just because they say they are in the USA doesn’t mean they are. This isn’t a problem for seo or technical type stuff but if you want something like blog posts it can be problematic. The English someone learns in a school outside the USA does not work well for a blog.

  2. Just because they are a top rated seller doesn’t mean they will be good. The one and a half bad experience where both from top rated sellers. I think some game the system like the first seller I had who mutually cancelled so she didn’t get a review for not completing the work.

  3. Check the seller to see how much work he or she has in the que. I have a hunch the second seller over extended herself as I saw a ton of orders in her que after I ordered. I am guessing she either farmed my work out to someone else or just made herself so busy she couldn’t provide the same quality as the first time around.

  4. Check and double check before telling the seller its OK. The articles the I got looked perfectly fine until I placed them on a web page or tried to change them in to a text file. I have been told western country’s use ANSI but some Asian country’s use Unicode which will cause your text to go from this:
    lеаd bасk tо what’s unknоwn
    to this:
    l??d b??k t? what’s unkn?wn
    without you ever knowing it unless you look at the HTML in your web page.

Hope this helps new buyers

I should have got 5 for that book I just wrote.

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Well, you do get what you pay for in many cases (or not, even)! It’s always worth checking articles for the coding thing though. That’s a sure sign of a scammer rather than an “innocent mistake/coding difference”. If you search the forum you’ll find quite a few angry rants from other buyers who got seemingly flawless work that was copied and pasted from other websites, encoded so Google wouldn’t “find” it (bad on the SEO front, worse on the integrity front) and, yeah, you get the idea.

So yeah, Hm.

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