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How Weird is a Bargain?


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Hi friends, Today I experienced something really funny and sort of annoying. A gentleman enquired about one of my gig and shown very much interest in it. He was looking for a job to get done which will require me at least 8 to 10 hours to create along with lot of brainstorming and research. And after bargaining about pricing, quality, style and unlimited revisions when I told him that ok i agree with your term you may now order the gig then suddenly I got a message from him that can i create his job without pay, he also mentioned that he will be willing to pay once the job will be completed from my side and if he liked it. How funny, weird and really annoying. When i replied back to him that oh now i am not interested in his job, thank you so much for your interest and good luck, then here is his excuse message on this for payment…


I think you’re misunderstanding the situation.

Can you kindly start the work prior to payment?

I’ve spoken to my MD. It isn’t possible to order giggs today as the office is now closed and the business admin team responsible for payments have left. The earliest is Monday, which is when I’ll be in the office next.

If you’re genuinely not interested, let me know."

And again when i replied him that yes i am genuinely not interested in his job then again he replied me and requested me to complete his job without payment with silly excuses.

My question with you guys is did you ever have faced this kind of situation or what’s your opinion on this? Is this guy a spam, a greedy person who is looking for free stuff or what? What you would advice me on this?


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Thanks guys, me too thought to report but i just don’t know how fiverr cs will treat it and i am not sure about that should i report it or not but anyways i won’t entertain him and wont reply him ever after refusing to complete his work still he has send me message to start work without payment, seems kind of freaky but i am ignoring him now. thanks for all of your suggestions.

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