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Problems with a buyer


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I’m just curious what to do as a seller when you deliver what you promised and even though the buyer didn’t get what they were hoping (it wasn’t part of the job and they now refuse to pay for a weeks worth of work)…how do we go about making sure this buyer doesn’t screw over other sellers, making them work for a week and then refusing to fork over a measly $5.

Waste of my time and trying to deal with this person as professionally as possible, but want to make sure the rest of the sellers on here are safe from their antics…


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Guest drawforever

How can a buyer manage to get a seller to work for week?

If the buyers keep requesting changes, I will politely tell them that it is going to cost them extra. I tend to limit the amount of revision to one or perhaps two if I messed up. Anymore than that, they will have to purchase another gig.

Besides, buyers have to order a gig first before the seller starts the work so what do you mean refusing to fork out a measly $5?

My policy is usually no pay means no work.

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