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Unlock the fiverr search engine to SHOW MORE gigs!

Guest thevideostore

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Guest thevideostore

So , for those of you who want to see more potential gigs to buy… like that new face for a testimonial video for example…

Sort your gigs by “relevance” (or new arrivals if you need NEW faces)


  1. Search for anything you want.
  2. Click the dropdown menu at the top right of the page
  3. Choose to Filter By: “Relevance”

View the pic I’ve attached to see where I’m talking about. It seems you need to search for something that has at least 1 result… then you can see the “Filter By” section on the top right of your search page.

It doesnt let you filter a blank search result…

It seems to reset back to Filter By: “Avg Customer Reviews”


Fiverr would do better making the default filter view sort by “Relevance” to begin with … but whatevs.

Happy searching!

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Guest backlinks_index

Whatever the reason, the quality of your product and the sales that determine your success rate in fiverr

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Guest thevideostore

You are correct. Fiverr’s search engine is kind of poo poo.

Thats why I am enlightening people to filter it properly.
Your gig will most likely be shown above the rest if you have it set for relevance…

Not many new people here know this. Spread the word… Post a thread like this or bump this one every month or 2. Fiverr staff really needs to look into the poor search results being shown. I can type all of my keywords in my gig and even some exact phrases and my gig just wont show up anywhere near page 1 or 2 …

For example … I have a gig. The title of it is
"I will dance with poi to your music for $5"

Now get this … I searched for “dance with poi” …
My gig was not found anywhere. The filter was set for sort by Avg Customer Reviews… I set the filter to newest arrivals and it wasnt found there either (because it has had ratings already) … So I set the Filter to Relevance … and there I was at the bottom of page 1…

Sure , give everyone a chance… but the search results should show the most relevant gigs before anything else BY DEFAULT. Just one of those things that makes no sense here.

Try contacting support about it , and you’ll get something to the extent of “Your gig is showing up fine” or “Our Editorial team does not guarantee any gigs will show up in the search engine” …many times not understanding the point you are trying to make.

I’m basically scared to update or edit any of my gigs because whenever I do , my impressions on one goes from 4-5k a week to less than 500. It’s like they get stuck in the “awaiting mod approval mode” for editing them… and sometimes permanently… further confusing people wondering why they can’t find their gig.

This is how I learned about the filter function in the first place. I kept asking fiverr support why my new gig wasnt showing up in the search engine at all after a week… Its because you could ONLY find it by sorting by “New Arrivals” … meaning nobody was ever going to find that gig unless they found it on my profile page.

This needs to be addressed. I just want relevant gigs showing up before non relevant gigs thats all.

You can come here and search for people that you want to dance to your music and you will find gigs about people photo-shopping graffiti logos on brick walls first…

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