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Finally found a way to successfully promote my gigs


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After about a year of trial and error in promoting my gigs by buying web domains and setting up blogs of a general or universal nature without much success I finally figured out what works to get those sales coming in. My mistake was in buying generic named domains that could be used for most anything. I did this in the event a gig wasn’t popular I could change it with ease and keep the same domain. This was a mistake.

Unlike the early days of internet, domain name prices have fallen to next to nothing and free/low cost hosting can be found everywhere. In fact, anyone with an extra dollar and an idea can go from zero to a published and fully operational website in a few short hours. And thanks to the great SEO and web traffic experts here on Fiverr, getting seen and indexed is easier than ever before.

With this in mind, I decided to start buying domain names that fit a single gig. For example, let’s say I was doing a gig where I make prank videos. I would buy a domain name that had the keyword “prank” in it. I then set up the site with only 3 pages.

The index page would have a brief introduction as to what the site was for, in this case prank videos. You of course will want to really talk up your gig and let people know why ordering from you is better than ordering from someone else. The next page is a brief bio on me and my company. In my research, I discovered that views to this page are far and few between but for some unknown reason people have more trust for a company when they see an “About” page link. Keep this page short and to the point. Even if the page never gets a single hit, studies have shown that sales WILL increase if you simply make the page available. Last, I place a page that shows multiple samples of previous work performed. This page is essential. The more work you can show to a potential client, the better your odds are of making a sale.

Place “Order Now” buttons or links in numerous places that link directly to your gig and your ready to go. Now all you need is a little SEO and traffic which is easy to find right here on Fiverr.

Granted there are a lot of other factors to consider but I can tell you first hand that setting up websites that focus on a single gig do far more to bring in sales than a blog that has 50-100 topics of discussion. This worked well for me, I hope it helps you as well.

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