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Traffic, a curse or a blessing


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You know after sourcing on ways to get traffic to my website, i was on the first page of Google’s search result, i needed to make more money with my adsense so after reading various ebooks i decide to buy gigs that send traffic, however though i saw a little improvement on my adsense but i discovered my ranking on google kept droping to like the fourth page, i made inquiries and searched youtube when i discovered where a guy said buying such traffic only discourages the crawlers from indexing or crawling you page thereby reducing ranking, the cause he said was agreeable, he said such traffic you buy will only get visitors that visit your page and the average time of visits is always less than 5 seconds which i confirmed from Google analytics, so what do you guys think? is buying traffic a blessing or a curse? i suggest you improve you content and know how to get visitors of interest to your website, you can also check out my profile too to get an idea of what i mean

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