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Caution to all the new fiverrites


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I was tempted to post this on the Tips for Sellers thread, but I smartly overcame the temptation and decided to land it here; so that everyone will be free to talk about it anyhow they like, instead of just saying thank you for a great tip.
DON’T take every tip you see on the forum wholeheartedly. For every tip, you read, please be patient to go through the reactions from the other sellers before rushing to your profile to unleash the ideas on your gig(s).
WHY is this important? Did you just ask me that? I heard that when you follow some of the tips on the forum, Fiverr will show you the right way out of here without even allowing you the slightest opportunity to defend yourself.
It is also important to know that, your Tipper may not even be caught . Happy selling!

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