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Why can't I leave a bad feedback on a buyer and bug report


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There are so many annoying buyers they pay 5 dollars and expect a 200$ work from me, some of them order a gig and after 4 days they tell me the site to work on after which i generously ask them to cancel their order and get a negative feedback.

I am really annoyed man I want to leave a feedback for such buyers so other sellers are aware that they should not work for them their should be some user rating for every individual registered here. Most of their profiles are empty completely blank when we are done with our work all our effort is in their hands if they will click ok then we get money its win win for buyer and lose lose for the sellers really annoying here on fiver.

(bug report) Also when I click on fiverr login from gmail I get a login page after which I am redirect to sitemap.xml which does not exist on fiverr.com and hence a page not found error it is some bug on ur site guys.

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