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Can you point users to a youtube video to further explain your gig?


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So I was wondering if I could show users a longer (say 2-3 minute video) explaining what I offer to them as far as my video commercial gig , explainer video gig , and even testimonial gigs can look like when I include all my special effects and stuff (sound , pictures , greenscreen etc…) …

The big question I have to the fiverr sheriffs would be , can I include a youtube link in my gig descriptoin here and in my video intro pointing them to an account I made specifically to promote my fiverr gig… primarily cause I need longer videos to show off what I can do?


The video is outlined below for anyone who wants to read further on what I’ll be making…

I want to show them as sort of an example A , B , and C fashion aid this would take longer than fivers 30second video intro rule.

For instance…

Example A ) The basic $5 gig would show me talking about Product X for up to 1 minute in front of a plain wall.

(this would be a 20 second video… no need to ramble on for a minute about nothing) $5 Order

Example B) Extras Package A - Video would also be roughly 20 seconds long and include a logo fade in , 2 pictures in the video and end with a logo fadeout. $15 Order

Example C) Extras Package B - Similar video to the one before by would also include greenscreen work where the background behind me is no longer a simple white wall but maybe animated , or change throughout to showcase the different things I could do. *$25 Order

– So this little explainer video would show a total of 60 seconds of “example videos” and a 30 second video at first to simply explain that it is available only on fiverr.com/zarklon .

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To oldbittygrandma: What did you mean by “titling” my link in the video? Do you mean having it as on-screen text?

Do you think its safe to mention in my video into something like “Be sure to visit the youtube page in this gig’s description to see a longer video showcasing more of what I offer you in this gig” ??

To: Gamersuscentral

Thats indeed why I’m posting it here. I could care less about my levels but I dont need my account getting banned. I too have heard they drop levels with no warning… but its not like I’ve made any more $$ being level 2… Maybe snagged a few more sales from the people who think they can already “trust” me more cause I’m level 2… but honestly sales havent increased anymore being level 2. If anything being lvl 2 just made it easier for people to order my gig multiple times. Now if my levels allowed me to make $9 for a $10 Extra … I’d be thrilled… but we still only make $8 on a $10 extra even at level 2. So I don’t hold much value to them =/ I just wanna be sure I’m not breaking any rules is all.

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zarklon said: can I include a youtube link in my gig descriptoin here and in my video intro pointing them to an account I made specifically to promote my fiverr gig.


Get in touch with Customer Service and ask them directly. OBG is a Fiverr superstar and even she has to say 'from her experience'. Getting it straight from CS is no guarantee that it won't somehow bite you on the back-side in the future, but at least it's a little safer. :)

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