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Can You Please Suggest Any Edit to My Gigs?

Guest graphicsbyam

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Guest graphicsbyam

I have been on fiverr for almost more than 3 months. I have tested Every Strategy to get Orders but I have failed. I have got Almost 9 Orders till Today. When Someone Buys From Me, he is very happy with my services. Most of My Customers Promise to Come Back. So I guess I am Providing Quality Service. Also I Do Focus on Customer Service Very Much and My Customers are Very Happy of It. But the Problem is that I can’t find New Customers. Out of 9 Orders, Almost 8 were Through Buyer Request.

My Top Seller has 5 Reviews. All Positive. Lengthy Description( As Suggested by TRS). But it is not getting any Organic Orders. It is really annoying.


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Dear Graphics:

How do you prefer to be addressed?

Here is a checklist to help you improve your gigs.

I took a quick look at your profile and your gig.

Here are some quick impressions:

  1. Your sales copy seems very pushy. I suggest you hire a copy writer to boost your sales.
  2. You say you have tested every strategy to get orders, yet your Top Seller does not have a video. Fiverr says that videos boost your sales.
  3. You have branded yourself as a company with a logo. Try branding yourself as a person with a photo.
  4. In your description, share a name with your potential Buyers that they would be comfortable calling you.
  5. Reach out on social media.

Bottom line: Buyer Requests are a totally legitimate way to get orders. After 1 or 2 more sales, you should start getting more clicks, views, and orders “organically.”

Good luck,
Blaise Faint

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