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I am a php(custom php,laravel,wordpress) and front-end (Bootstrap,html,css,javascript,jquery) developer. I have more then 5 year experience in different software houses . Now I want to sale my these services on fiver , I want to post my all experience on the Buyer Requests page, So that customer contact with me through my experience.
How to do that?
When I want to post any request on Buyer Requests page fiverr team reject my request.
My content of post request like that (hey guys do you have problems regarding php,wordpress,javascript, jquery , html or css, if yes then don’t worry i am hear to solve your problems. the time for every project depend upon project’s length.)
How can i do this…
I also have two 5 star reviews and 100% file rating…
Any body help me regarding this issue, I am very thank full in advance.

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Don’t. Everyone hates people like you cluttering up BR with “hire me plz” spam. It is a place where buyers make requests for sellers. If you continue to post your stuff there, you risk losing your account here.

So don’t. Anyway, only sellers see it so its a waste of your time. #themoreyouknow

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