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Funds and email addresses


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Last year I withdrew my funds using a specific e-mail address associated with both PayPal and Fiverr account. This year I had trouble accessing my said e-mail account because I forgot my password and making matters worse I cannot access my account via my mobile number due to me changing its sim years ago! Now as a mistake I withdrew all my funds to my Fiverr revenue card in hopes of accessing PayPal account as I didn’t forget its password but to my surprise I found out that I cannot access my PayPal account.
Is there a chance that my funds can be salvaged or are they gone, I contacted Fiverr customer support a few hours ago but they didn’t reply me back. I also provided with an alternative e-mail address should they address me.
So what should I do now, is there still hope or should I say adios to my funds (I hope not!)

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