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How do I get people to buy my Gig?


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Hi there!
I’m very confused on how to get people to buy ones gig?
I’m quite new to fiverr.com, and I’ve already bought a few gigs, one of them was 1k legit facebook likes to my gig - I thought this would make people realize my gig and get some of them to buy my product. I’ve only had this gig for like 2 days or so, but if there’s no traffic on it now, there probably won’t be in the future either - or am I wrong?
I really hope to get some tips or something on how to start business on fiverr.com, because I did spend quite a lot of time on creating my gig, is it not unique enough, or what is it that i’ve done wrong?

~Thanks in advance to those who wanna help a confused member to get started 🙂

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Hi there! It took me, I think 2 weeks to get my first customer. I got a positive review from that, and then didn’t have another customer for at least a month. After eventually getting to level 1, things started to gradually pick up, then after I reached level 2 I started getting a steady stream of business.

The best things to do are promote your gig in any way you can. Harass your friends on facebook and get them to share your gig on their walls, get people to collect your gig, but most importantly, when you do finally get a customer, make sure they are happy. The more good reviews you have, the more business you will ultimately get.

Basically, when you are just starting out it’s a waiting game. Good luck!

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Oh alrighty then, thank you for replying:))! So patient is the key after all?

But I’m just wondering; isen’t there another way than sharing on fb? I’ve already done that, and I’m pretty sure none of my friends on Facebook are interested in buying gigs.

Of course my main goal is to keep any customer happy and provide them as much service as possible - but i need to get some customers before that is a possibility 🙂

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I checked out your gig, here is deal, your gig is a template based gig, what if I want something more tailored to my needs? video gigs do well when it’s custom, for instance, “I will make a video reviewing your product” that’s more specific to a particular need. People like that. Looks like an After Effects template you’re using so obviously you got some skills with AE, that’s hot! use it to your advantage.

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Guest pertinax2

What sells best on Fiverr?

Traffic,likes,follows… and maybe content.Everything else just does not have enough demand to make sales and good income.

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Yeaah, of course my main goal is to keep all customers 100% satisfied with my gigs. But there haven’t been anyone contacting me yet:)


That’s some great advice, really! But I’m not sure I fully understand (my own fault since english is not my narrative language). When you say you want something more tailored for your needs, do you mean that I should make a custom video for each of my clients, or just be more specific in the title of my gig? 🙂 (P.s. I already changed the title of my gig into something more specific, if you have an opinion about it, i’d be glad to hear it!


Since i’m still a newbie I’m not even sure what follows is…How do you even follow a person? I tried to do that the other day to help a dude out, but I just couldn’t seem to find any follow button on his profile? Might be a dumb question, but would be nice to know :).

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theres a couple reasons, I will name a few for you, since I iver made over $22k mastering fiverr.

  • Capatilize 1 word that your customer will see in your title,

  • keywords in your title, description and tag

  • Unique GIG image with lots of info.

  • Provide value before they buy. So it need to be attractive.

  • Always over deliver!

  • Always ask you customers to collect your gig and leave a positive review

  • always provide a screen shot of your gig completion.

    I havnt used the F2 version yet, so I am looking forward to getting the updates for it and seeing how I can get my gigs higher in the search engines.

    The most powerful tip I can give you is get your gig collected as much as you can because those are high quality backlinks.
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If you offer a great product or service, but you’re not getting any orders, then you need some help re-writing your gig. Look at the people in your service category who are successful and find out what they share in common. DO NOT copy their gigs word for word because that’s bad, m’kay? But you should examine how they’re written, the words they use, the way they speak, and how their gig extras are offered. If you look at +20 strong sellers in your category, you’ll see what they have in common and know how to write something better.

Or, if you have some spare change, hire a somebody to review your gig and write new ad copy - there’s probably at least a few people on Fiverr who’d do that 😉

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