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Buyer Requests 101


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I’ve been on Fiverr for a couple years now, and had great success as a seller. However, recently, I did something that I’ve never done before… I posted a buyer request.

Sure I’ve browsed gigs, and purchased some services, but I’ve never posted a job I needed completed until now.

As a successful seller, it was interesting to be on the other side of the coin.

Here’s what I learned that will help each of us be more effective when it comes to landing more jobs using the buyer requests tool that Fiverr has so graciously provided.

  1. Personalize the offer. Every seller that I could tell just sent over a generic offer was immediately off the list. There were a few that personalized the offer and made me feel like they actually read what I posted.

Lesson: Take the time to read the gig and let them know you understand their request.

  1. Don’t sound desperate. There were a few sellers that were practically begging for the work. I understand we’re all here trying to make some money, but if you come across too desperate, it doesn’t work in your favor.

Lesson: Be confident in your abilities and services. Don’t be arrogant, but don’t appear like nobody else is using your services.

  1. Justify your value. If you are a level one, or brand new seller, the first inclination of a buyer will be to cross you off the list. That’s what I did… UNLESS… the lower level sellers somehow justified the value in their services despite their current level. I.E. “I know I’m just beginning here on Fiverr, but I’ve been designing logos for years, and have a graphic design degree.”

Lesson: Understand you are bidding against experienced sellers. If you’re a lower level seller, you need to justify your value, so that a buyer will feel comfortable working with you even though you don’t have a proven track record here on Fiverr yet.

Buy following these three simple steps you’ll significantly increase your odds of being the “chosen one” for the buyer requests you submit to. Remember, you only have ten per day, so you need to make them count!

Good luck out there everyone! Keep on keepin on!

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I am always seeing seller’s selling products in Buyer Requests. As a new seller, I find this distracting, I’ve looked around on the site but everything seems to point out that buyer requests are just as they seem. Am I missing something? Is there some loophole that gets more gigs if you, as a seller, post your gig in the buyer request section? To me, that makes the seller seem desperate.

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To be perfectly honest, I think I ended up selecting the wrong person 🙂 She had the best intentions, but her work didn’t end up being the best. I had to rework most of it. So for the actual work I got as a result of my request, it was a bit of a bust.


having used the buyer request function for the first time… I was very much and pleasantly surprised at how Fiverr had set it up.

So I suppose in summary, the overall buyer request process is really cool, and I can see how it will be very helpful in the future. But I’ll have to work on my ability to choose from the 20-30 requests that come in - so I get better quality work.

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I don’t think you’re missing anything. Unfortunately, you’re correct. There are many people that abuse the buyer request function. I think Fiverr is doing their best to keep those people out, and make sure it’s actual buyer requests, and not sellers peddling their services.

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