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How in increase 99% rating to 100% again?


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Hi Friends…few times back i got 2 negative ratings from two customers…i have done good designs and they purposly gave menegative feedbak…i askd theme to remove or cancel order…but they refuse to do it and never reply me back…
i already got 500 positive ratings and only 2 negative rating… fiverr customer service also asked me to contact buyers to remove it…but so far i couldn’t do it…i have lot of positive ratings …but only 2 negative can decrease my rating to 99%.
i don’t understand what kind of calculation they used to calculate our rating system. can anyone tell me how to increase my rating back to %100
again.? also from last month new order are dropped…you have ay idea about that ? looking for a help from you friends.

Thank you

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I dont think order dropped because your rating. Order sometimes up and down. It’s Fiverr !
It’s very hard to take your 100% rating back. I also had 3 negative feedbacks because 3 buyers - who order then leave me bad feedback without even contact me for revision ( after delivering, no response from them. Then after fiverr automatically close the order, they appeared and left feedback and never replied to my message ). 3 neg feedback took my rating down from 100 to 98. Even i got more and more positive- nothing changed.
I also cant undertand how Fiverr calculate rating but now i have to accept my situtation that there is no way for buyer remove their feedback and of course Fiverr also never help me

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