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What will be the Full-time Freelancers Passport Occupation?


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I am curious to know , What Will be My Passport Occupation. I am a full-time Fiverr Worker. I dont have any idea , what will be the best Occupation name.

From My Childhood , I am using My occupation Student. But Now I am a full-time Fiverr Worker. I am not a student Anymore. I need to change My occupation.I am not getting VISA because Of occupation . So I need to change it .

so I already contacted my Regional Passport office. They suggest me to write My occupation “housewife”.

I am not married yet. Even I am a married person, I will not be a housewife. i am a full-time Fiverr Worker. So As far as I know, Most Fiverr Worker who are traveling , they are using something . I really need to know, what’s that .
I really need your Suggestions.

I know, You are expert, so I need your suggestions.


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