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Amazing Startup : Level 1 Seller & 100% Costumers Satisfaction


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I would like to share my story with you guys 🙂
I was fiverr buyer since i decided one day “Why do i turn into Fiverr Seller and start earning money” . Who don’t want to earn money , 😛
So i closed my old account and started a new one on June 2016 as a seller not buyer 🙂
I created 1 gig and waited 1 month to get my first order …
I worked hard to make my costumer happy . And i finish his order with 5 stars & good review then i created new gigs and described my services well . Also i surf Buyers Request & I send offer 🙂 Then People start ordering my gig it was slowly but i was motivated i always try to finish the work with 100% Costumers satisfaction 🙂 And i did that …
It take me 2 month before getting my first Badge Level 1 Seller and that helped me out a lot … Also the great review i get from the previous costumers <3
Each time i got an order i try to work hard in order to get 5 stars , good review and the most important 100% Costumers Satisfaction 🙂
The Lesson i learned that there is not any thing called impossible if you work hard you can achieve your goal easily . I wanted to share my story to inspire the new seller and everyone in this forum <3

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