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ONE tip, TWO words, THREE steps


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There’s a lot of talk here on the Fiverr forum. Especially when it comes to tips how to sell gigs and how to make you living out of it. I really like the idea of Fiverr. I even already found some friends amongst my customers.

My journey with Fiverr began two and a half months ago. Originally, I just wanted to buy something, but after reading through the FAQ, I found myself considering whether it was a nice opportunity to sell something to others by (1.) doing something I’m really great at and – even better – by (2.) absolutely loving what I’m doing. Well, literally five minutes later I found myself digging in the crates for my first gig.

I was quite surprised that after a short amount of time my first customer showed up. Now my curiosity was fully awakened. I stumbled to the forum to check out the whole universe of Fiverr and found endless pages of either complaining sellers or helping sellers. Somehow the majority of given tips seemed in a strange way familiar. I couldn’t describe it, but I had the feeling of a déjà-vu.

Then it came to my mind, I knew the answer, the key to my irrational persecution mania of Fiverr tips. I’ve read them all! Okay at least, I have to admit, most of them. The source of all this madness was too simple to get in my first attempt of recollection. A shiver went up and down my spine. How could all these people claim something they blatantly didn’t collected themselves?

I went back to… Oh, I did forget, you are here for the one tip consisting of two words who changes your life on Fiverr with only three simple steps to make. Well, here it comes: Did you know the Fiverr Academy? This mysterious place where a lot of knowledge is stockpiled like crystals in a treasury? Be assured, it’s worth a glance. But how? These three straightforward steps will help you getting there. First, open Fiverr in your browser. Second, go to ‘Academy’ via the ‘Community’-button drop-down menu. Third, read. You’ll be surprised how much of these so claimed “new” tips are found there. And you’ll definitely find even more useful tips and tricks.

Finally, I want to say thank you for reading and sorry for any spelling, grammar or sense errors, I’m not a native one. Please don’t feel offended by any of my lines, it lays in my honest nature of saying things and my love for sarcasm and ambiguity that people get a bit mad sometimes. Truth hurts. My intention is not to be a swanky wise guy, I just wanted to share my so-called “wisdom” with all those who are still on their quest for the Holy Grail. For sure, there are absolutely great original tips here, but unfortunately a whole zoo of copycats. If you ask me, I’d like to see less copied and pasted stuff for a lot of mayflies, though however more serious talk with other sellers, exchanges about Fiverr-related stuff as seller and some nice to know things. Now. stone me.

Happy selling and have an outrageous week!

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