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Even if you are give Followers Naturally will your service be approved?

Guest sassilicious

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Guest sassilicious

I’ve noticed that some service who provide followers are being taken my question even if you are doing it naturally Fiverr will take it?

And many level 2’s gig of that sort remain but those under that level still remain is it because of trust or just remove because they can. I had a gig that offered followers I studied how to gain traffic and social rankings over summer and found it was very useful. Not using softwares but natural methods and receiving results some might take longer but it works. So I just need to know if its a natural method I can keep it because I have a fear that they will close the gig even though its real people I am giving.

Let me know if to close them even if I have been seeing persons still with there’s and doing well while I am afraid to use it because of what they have been doing. My safety is important even though some seem to get away while others suffer innocently. Thanks for your input

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