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Instant Communication and Collaboration


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I just joined Fiverr as a buyer… and I’m noticing that a lot of buyer dissatisfaction is a result of poor communication, or a simple “misunderstanding” of the project requirements. I tried out a gig to design a logo… it took 3 revisions to get it perfect, but if I had the ability to speak with the artist at a scheduled-time, we could have gotten it done with one revision, and perhaps 5 minutes of time. Instead of the job taking almost two weeks, it could have been done within a couple days.

Instead, I had to copy the pictures and draw on it myself to show exactly what I wanted done. It was the only option I had to clearly and efficiently explain the changes I needed.

My suggestion is this: Create an interface on Fiverr that would allow instant messaging / audio chatting. This interface could also have a live “workshop” (sort of like TeamViewer), where you could demonstrate what, exactly needed to be done.

To prevent abuse, you could implement this as a “last resort,” to give the seller an extra chance to try and correct any misunderstandings. Or limit it to certain kinds of gigs.

If you’re afraid that seller & buyer might reach an agreement behind your back, you could consider giving more incentives for the buyer and seller to conduct transactions through your site, such as: “Satisfaction Guaranteed” for buyers purchasing from higher level Sellers, and “payment guaranteed” to the seller. Of course, there are absolutely no guarantees if anything is spoken or discussed outside of Fiverr’s website. I understand there are risks, but I feel there’s a lot of lost potential by not allowing people to discuss freely. There’s always the option to record audio and whiteboard data & monitor for any breach of the terms of service (if suspected).

Think how much faster and more efficiently things could get done… satisfaction could increase and turnaround time significantly shortened. Sorry if this has been posted before… I didn’t see a way to search for this particular topic.

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