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How to get order regularly?


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I have been working on Fiverr for months and my problem is I barely got a good number of orders everyday. Maybe this day I got up to 10, but other days I didn’t get any.

I found that if my gig was showed in the first page of Fiverr, people bought my gigs a lot. My question is how to make a gig outstanding and appear at a very-easy-to-see position.

Here are some great tips you should apply for your recent gigs:

  1. Add an awesome video.
  2. Prepare a very good service: do the best for your customers, explain everything specifically, be responsible and be polite. I also offer free repair or even a whole new design if my customer is not satisfied with my work.
  3. Exchange collection. This is a good way to expand your service.
  4. Use media. I post my work on Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook. I also write blog about my career. The key is try everything possible to get attention.
  5. Be patient.

    What about your experience? Share with me your tips.

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