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100% Working Method To Get Your First Order


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I have joined fiverr a month or two ago and was really looking around to get my first order. As getting first order is really tough and hard because a buyer would always prefer buying from experienced rather than ordering something for someone new.

Many people offer great services at start but soon some of them get disappointed due to not getting orders as I was. But slowly and gradually I got to know how things work and how to impress a buyer by offering what my competitors don’t.

A few days ago I created a new Gig and offered a buyer in “Buyers Request” that type of service he needed as my Gig matched his needs. I sent him my offer in very expressive way and at the end of offer I stated that you’ll get a FREE BONUS too. The word “FREE BONUS” may have made him buy my Gig. If you are also struggling in start just after creating a Gig , rush towards “Buyers Requests” and offer something free along with your service. You’ll surely get orders. I hope this method will work for you too.


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