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Fiverr Gig – How to appear on top of search result?


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There are currently 3.2 MILLION gigs on sale on Fiverr. That is a lot of competition. It’s a challenge for all sellers to be easily found an Fiverr in the search results. When we are talking about gig SEO we are not referring to Google search rankings. This article is about how to get your gig ranked on top on Fiverr’s internal search results page.

Search filters:

Recommended – This is the default page – you need to do basically on with all SEO factors to get here. High rating, minimum level 1, established authors and trusted gigs will more likely to appear here.
High Rating – If you maintain high buyer rating % your chances of getting listed here is better
Express Gigs – You cater for this page if you offer 24h delivery (only from Level 1 status)
With Video – That’s why they tell you to add a video… another chance to shine
New – This one is for providing fair play – If you are new that doesn’t mean you won’t get picked in search results. Many buyers think about “overdone gigs” and want fresh faces ideas. Your new offers will be listed here if they are relevant to the search keyword.

Some people will filter via categories (personally, I hardly use this option). It doesn’t hurt if you pick a relevant one.
Ninja tip: there’s a reverse tactic is: pick a non relevant category – this way your gig will stand out between the result as an unusual offer – they will click it just because it looks weird there.
Keyword in gig title:

This is the most important Fiverr SEO factor: ALWAYS put your target keyword(s) in the gig title.
Observe the screenshot below: ALL titles contain the exact match keyword combination I entered in the search field. Think with your buyers’ head “What would they search for if they wanted to buy a gig like mine?”. If you find the right answer to that question and add it to you gig title, your gig page views will rise and you will surely receive more orders via the search page.
Keyword in username:

If you specifically target a niche it is wise picking a Fiverr username containing your main keyword. This way you will be placed on the page that you can bring up by using the “Looking for users containing “your keyword” Click here” option. One more SEO improvement done.

The closer you are to 100% the higher you will rank. Simple stuff… easier said that done though. Keep your buyers happy and you will climb up in Fiverr SERPs. The volume of votes are doesn’t always influence your search position. You don’t need tons of votes, just make sure they are 5 stars.
Seller Level status:

Level 1 and Level 2 sellers will more likely to shown closer to the top as they are trusted and tried gig providers. That’s understandable. To compensate this and give newbies a break there is a “New” filter that we mentioned earlier.

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Hello ma
I’m sorry to bother you but I need some minutes of your time please
I’m currently in a dilemma, about two weeks ago I had an order from an Isreal client to deliver within 12hours which I did diligently
He came back about 2hours to when the order will close automatically and rejected the order requesting an extra.
I requested that he place a new order for that and we agreed
Only to hear from him an hour after the returned remodification Was completed automatically
He dropped a 1.7 review because I had refused to do the extra for free
I have since then been begging him because his review has hindered me from making offers and I have been stranded for a week
Please I need a project to execute so that I can return to 90% rating and I’ll be able to make new offers
Please help me I feed my family from this and I am Greatly stranded
Please help a sister and a friend
I’d love to hear from you
Thanks ma

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