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Help with recovering after vacation!


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So, I have been moderately successful with my Fiverr gigs. However, I had to go on vacation mode for awhile. Now, it’s quite hard to get new gigs for me and I have noticed my gigs haven’t gotten the same views and buyer responses.

For people who have gone on vacation too, how did you keep the consistency?

Thank you!

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Hi there! Been there.
If you don’t have a prior line-up of clients, you can expect to lose more business that the days you’re missing on vacation. I think it has to do partially with most buyers spending some time browsing before they buy, as well as fiverr’s algorithms that defer paused gigs even, after they are resumed.

My best advice is to just wait it out. Might take a couple days or weeks to regain your ranking in the results page.

A good way to have a vacation, but not lose those clicks and views is to set your prices a bit high 😉

Not so high to as completely deter clients that are on the fence and see you as a greedy individual. But high enough that on a pinch, you’d be willing to work extra on vacation.

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