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Live portfolio! Strong Marketing Tool: Make sure it is dsplayed

Guest prathibha_md

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Guest prathibha_md

Hey Guys,

Prathibha_md here, So today I want to share with you one of my recent experience. Most of you know that when you deliver an image, video or pdf you can opt to choose that with the review, more likely the buyer has the option.

But why? Well because simply when a new buyer goes through your reviews they will see your work samples. Since pictures speak 1000 words this is a great marketing tool. Also, when a new buyer request to see your work samples you can simply tell the buyer to go through the reviews and live portfolios.

Having said that I have attached many of my work samples and requested buyers to keep the samples with the feedback if possible. Yet they did not turn up with the reviews. I double checked if the feature was turned on which it was.

So I contacted they informed me they have not selected to keep the portfolio. They advised me to direct them to the support forum article on how to leave feedback and my buyer informed me they do not see the option.

So luckily the buyer informed me that feedback was left using the mobile app. As it turned out the live portfolio is not visible when feedback is left using a mobile app or a mobile browser.

So, I made it a habit of requesting the buyers to use a computer when leaving feedback of possible and that solves most the issues. Yet most of my buyers use apps so it is kind of trouble for them.

I requested Fiverr if they could add this feature to the app. But if you guys feel like that would make you work simple maybe request too so that many requests will count more than one single request. Becuase I believe it will simplify both buyer and sellers work and hope Fiverr will implement it as well.

Hope this helped anyone who seemed to have had this issue. Make the best out of this tool guys. Happy Fiverring.

I would appreciate if you guys ask questions here than contacting me through private messages via my profile.


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