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Just wondering what your most unique order was


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When I first worked on fiverr, I did a lot of strange jobs to get myself some feedback. For example, I would send a mp3 file to a wife who’s husband cheated/gotten her sister pregnant to sending a stock certificate to my classmate, who was going to use the stock certificate to brag that he had a stock certificate to me (At that time I didn’t have a gig for it so he bought my other gig…I almost died with laughter when he showed me the certificate)
I’m just going through old times and having laughs, and I’m curious about your Fiverr experience. What was your most unique order?

NOTE TO MODS. I don’t know if this is against fiverr rules. If this counts as promoting my gig, just leave a comment and I’ll edit the parts out! Thanks for your work guys, I really appreciate your help to the fiverr community. Keep up the AWESOME work!

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