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How to get your first order?

Guest chanuzone

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Guest chanuzone

My name is Chanuka.Before writing my post I want to tell this first.I joined Fiverr on April 17th, 2016.And I got 156 reviews now.

Let’s Go

I got my first order after 3days.I know it is very amazing and I am very happy with it.I did it but I didn’t get a review from her.But next buyer gave me a great review.

Do you want to know how I got my first order?If yes,read this carefully.

1.1st I created an amazing gig.And write the gig description great without English mistakes.SO I mean you want to write the gig description without errors.It will help you to attract the buyer.

2.And you want to talk professionally with your buyer.It will help you to change the buyer mind.

3.And you want to give the cheapest price first.I saw new sellers give expensive budgets and they didn’t get any orders because new sellers can’t be like level sellers first.

4.As a new seller, you want to add offers to buyer request.If you don’t add it you never got any orders.And when you add the offers you want to add the cheapest offer with great description.

I hope you got an idea about this topic.
Thank You

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