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We live in a universe where Donald Trump has a shot at the US presidency. Everything is possible. Is this a whine because you are a TALENTED SALES PRO who is not getting the income a TALENTED SALES PRO deserves?

If this is the case, you may want to reconsider your own TALENTED SALES PRO status. It’s that 1-star review and profile that’s really killing you, man. Or did you mean something else?

All things considered, TALENTED SALES PROs can maybe have an inflated ego and be wrong.

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Thanks. It was merely an opened ended question.
A misunderstand we were not allowed to correct. (Ouch).
Also, FIVERR doesn’t remove old comments that were associated with a specific offer. I assure you, we are an A1 Online Service that’s also 100% PayPal Verified.

Time proves the RIGHT or WRONG of all matters.
Thanks for your comment.

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