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Calling all students (and parents): It's still cheating even if you use FIVERR!


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I’m always sad to see the summer end. The push for “back to school” seems to start earlier and earlier each year. With so much of that vibe surrounding me these days, I thought I’d address a sticky topic here. Not sure how many of you have had a similar experience, but I’ve been asked by students (and parents) to write essays! I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that students would do this, but parents? Alas, I’m such an idealist, I guess.

With that being said, I feel it’s ok to request professional editing help on certain projects. But asking me to answer college entrance exam questions is a whole different ballgame. I’m pretty sure it’s cheating!!

In the instances where this happened, I insisted that buyers do the work–provide the content in their own words. I did edits where I thought appropriate and did my best to keep it ethical.

In other cases, I simply must decline the job.

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