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How to get High rating from customers :)


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Hi Everyone, Here are few tips i want to share about getting high rating from customer.

  1. In the starting tell your customer that you are providing 100% money back guarantee.

2.If any case they don’t like your work then they can ask you for refund instead of giving bad review.

3.Communication is key of success make sure you communicate with your buyers during the order.

4.Treat your customer like a celebrity.

5.Some customers don’t cancel the order if they don’t like your work just because of your good behaviour they will mark the order as complete and will not leave a bad review.

If someone know more tips regarding this topic please feel free to share in the comments 🙂

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I don’t do 1, 2 or 4 and I only had one bad review in my time on fiverr (and that one got removed by CS because it was obvious it was given unfairly).

Treat your customers as they treat you, if they are friendly, be friendly, if they are professional, be professional, if they are rude, don’t work with them.
It’s important to be clear about what you do and don’t do, if the buyer is expecting one thing and he gets another then you have a problem.

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First step is identifying bad buyers:
Are they trying to haggle your already low price down? Are they asking you to do a lot more for the same price? Are they so vague in their instructions to the point you can’t do your job? Do they have a superiority complex and act as if you’re below them? Do they complain about the other sellers before they’ve seen your work?
These are red flags that can indicate a bad buyer.

Next is dealing with bad buyers:
Obviously you should try to avoid them ordering the gig. If they have already ordered and there’s no easy way to make them cancel, make sure you do the job ahead of schedule and with care, be clear about what you will and will not do, be polite and firm, and if you can, make the end result unusable without them marking the order complete is case they try to take your work and cancel (adding watermarks etc).

This is also preparing the gig for review by Customer Service in case they try to leave a bad review to force a refund. Point out the dishonest things about the review to CS (the obvious one would be if they didn’t leave 5 stars on “Delivered on time” on an order that wasn’t late). Make sure to communicate through the order page, not messages, as CS will not look at those.

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Hi sherry_writer you should negotiate with your customers if they give you bad review you can tell them that you are going to refund if they agree to remove the review.
The best solution is when the order starts you tell them that you are offering 100% money back guarantee if you failed to satisfy them.

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Here are a few more tips that may help increase your buyers ratings and positive reviews:
• Treat your costumers with profetionalism and respect. Even when they are disrespectful to you, don’t lower yourself to their same level, maintain your profetionalism and if their disrespect and grading behavior causes problems for you, offer to mutually cancel the order in the best interest of both of you. If that buyer turns conflictive, maintaining proper behavior, report them.
• Be honest with your buyers from the start. If a buyer requests a service that it’s far beyond your scope, or skills, be honest, tell them and offer to mutually cancel the order.
• At the very start of the ordering process,or even before, ensure your buyer that they will have 100% money back guaranteed and offer them previews of the work before finalized delivery. This is very useful for writers and graphic designers.
• Maintain good communication and make your buyer feel as part of the project too.
All of these, even when the work didn’t exacly turned out as the buyer liked, they will still leave a positive review because you have gone above and beyond to provide them with the best of services and customer experience.

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I don’t agree with guaranteed 100% money back offers. Here on Fiverr, if you offer that, you’re opening yourself up to the regular budget buyer who can dishonestly claim that they didn’t like your work, convince you to give them a refund, and then go use the work anyway.

Stick to your guns. Your buyer is ordering a service from you. Work to make sure that they get what they need, but keep in mind, you want to ensure that you get paid for that work too. If you want to offer a refund later, if things don’t work out for the buyer, then surprise them with it. Don’t let the budget buyers (or, the dishonest scammers) gain the upper hand and expect that they can hire you for work, and still get their money back.

Don’t work for free. You’re here on Fiverr to help others with the services that you provide, but you’re also here to make an income.

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@genkiworld your tip number 1 is not good because in my views you should not do work for a buyer who have bad behaviour because 99% of chances that you are going to get negative review so if you are going to continue working for such buyers then be ready for getting negative reviews.

your tip number 2 is good

your tips number 3 and 4 are copied from my tips 😛
nothing new but anyway thanks

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