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Dropped Ftom Level2 to leve Nothing!

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I had this issue, because of a stupid link insert in my message that had nothing to do with my contact details I got dropped down from being Level 2 to Level nothing, not even level 1.

I worked my butt off to get to level 2, I even did jobs that I didnt like, I even dealt with awkwared customers that I didnt like, but I never made a mistake and worked very hard to get to Level2.

and because of a link in my message, I went down to level 0 (zero) without a warning.


we deal with customers, provide talents and skills and hard work to earn $4

and we have to wait 14 days before its cleared. Even tho we don’t like it we let fiverr do this to us providers, because we want to at least do some business even tho its Peanuts, but when you accept all this and fiverr does this to you then its like patronizing, it feels like being treated like a piece of *****

When I wrote to fiverr support about this issue, I begged them to reconsider to put me back to level 2, Their answer was “we don’t drop your level manualy, and we can’t manualy put your level back up, the software script of fiverr does it all, and I’m sure within some time you’ll go back to level2 again” … this was the answer!

Yea right, and I am stupid to accept that, and Thank you for making me feel like one!.

and one more thing

Some gigs does require a Link to show in your message!

How are we supposed to provide gigs without having to do this???

People are advertising gigs like, Give me your link and I’ll send 10000 visitors to your site

how are providers and buyers supposed to do business if we are Not allowed to insert links in our posts??? it makes no sense at all, and everyone is scared to talk about it incase their account is banned or something, we need to talk about our problems as providers and we need solutions rather than fiverr just making up rules that does not apply to a lot of the jobs we provide and speak about how we can solve it.

Because of this reason I just can not provide Gigs that I want to provide. Its not fair.

a lot of people are going against fiverr rules all day long,

If fiverr read every single message that is being sent then I would assume they would have to Ban almost every gig, then put themselves out of business, no one is stupid, all we want is a little more respect with what we have to put up with fiverr rules.

Dropping someone from Level2 to level Nothing who worked very hard to get there is just not acceptable, BUT WE have No Choice. anyone reading this Take Notice, out of thousands of messages that is being sent in fiverr are against fiverr rules, but fiverr may just notice yours instead even tho it has nothing to do with your contact details. this is the SAD fact and I am a living proof of it…

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Thats sad,

Ok, they made a rule, they should tell us rather than giving direct warning and in my case NO WARNING direct account status gone!

They gave me warning 15 days ago and yesterday my account status was gone!

When they gave warning about sharing link, i stopped sharing ANY link.

when asked support about it, they replied after 36 hours and told me that you are not eligible for level feature because of the violation you have done 15 days ago.

Does it make any sense??

Their automatic script MUST NOT control this sensitive feature. Its like playing with peoples hard work. OK you would have made a good bot, You gave it directions, limits and everything but it CAN be wrong and in my case IT IS!!

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