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Dear Samssalas:

How do you prefer to be addressed? Your buyers probably want to know what to call you.

I’m super confused that your post requesting feedback is written in English, but your profile and gigs are in Spanish.

You’d probably double your audience by either making each of your gigs at least bilingual or by adding duplicates of your existing gigs written entirely in English.

You don’t have a log line – that’s a slogan under your user name on your profile page.

All your gigs need videos.

Normally, I’d take a closer look at one of your gigs, but since all I can say in Spanish is Donde esta la biblioteca, I ran your gig through Google Translate:

Are you looking for a translation that is not like GoogleTranslator?

I will translate for you from English to Spanish word for word, without losing the general meaning of the phrase and in general.

Feel free to make a request, it will be fast, economical, efficient and professional.

The Standard package includes 700 words and unlimited revisions for $ 5. Up to a limit of 2000 words for $ 5 more. Delivery of 24 hours. Over 500 words FREE!

The Premium Package includes 2000 words and unlimited for $ 15 revisions. Up to a limit of 5000 words for $ 15 more. Delivery 72 hours. Over 500 words FREE!

The Pro package includes 5000 words and unlimited for $ 25 revisions. Up to a limit of 8000 words for $ 15 more. 5 day delivery. Over 500 words FREE!


My services include:

Novels / eBook
Recommendation letters

… And any other text you want the theme you want!

Let me know if you have any special requests and we will gladly will attend your request.

Good luck,

P.S. Buena suerte!

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Dear Samssalas,

Just to give you some metrics for comparison, it took me 3 months to go from a New Seller to Level 1.

That’s 10 sales in 92 days or about 1 sale every 9 days. However, in the past week, I’ve been averaging about 1 sale every day.

Some ways to get early sales:

Beg your friends and family to buy gigs from you. If a guy offers to buy you a drink at the Club, tell him to buy one of your gigs instead!

Use BUT DO NOT ABUSE Buyer Requests. Buyer Requests are a place for people who are spending money to make special requests. Contrary to popular belief, Buyer Requests are not a place for Sellers to Request Buyers! Check out Fiverr Academy to learn more.

A note about Buyer Requests: the Buyer Requests that you are able to see are tied to the category or categories in which your gigs appear.

In other words, if you have 7 gigs that are all in 1 category, you are able to see only gigs in that one category.

If you have 7 gigs in 7 different categories, you will be able to see a wider cross-section of Buyer Requests.

When thinking about categories in which you are qualified to offer gigs, please bear in mind that the most popular categories tend to be on the left hand side of the search bar. As you go down and as you go right, the categories are less popular.

More popular categories have more competition.

Good luck,

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