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Gig Title Error


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Why am I getting an error when starting a new gig? This is the error:
1 error prevented this gig from being saved

Gig items Illegal characters in the title. Use only numbers, letters, dots and dashes.

My gig title is literally only spaces and letters. I even tried without spaces. This is it:
I will create a PROFESSIONAL informational video about your product for $5

what gives?

Sheriff’s Note: Moved to Fiverr FAQ since this is a common question.

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It also will often tell you below the title what aspect is wrong. I am not sure if it says caps or not. Can you copy/past the red text into your next post here… So we can maybe help you better.

Also if you repeat a word in title or description. Like Video, and then later say video again… Fiverr seems to flag that as too much use. (I think it was to stop seo spammers) but often causes issues for me because I do Youtube videos, and then need to describe the video…

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I keep getting this error for no reason: Gig items Illegal characters in the title. Use only numbers, letters, dots and dashes.

This is my heading: "tweet your message to my 210000 real twitter followers"

Why wont it let me save? Any ideas or just glitchy as usual?

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Although this is primarily a thread from a couple of years ago, here are some tips:

Make sure you don’t repeat the “I will” and “for $5” since they are included automatically.

When it comes to “excessive use” errors, it means just that. Using the same word too many times in the tags or other parts of the gig description is considered keyword stuffing. If you have 5 tags and you put: logo, beautiful logo, best logo, logo design, graphics - that is likely to give you an error. Remove the word logo in one of those tags and save again. (Example - change “best logo” to “best graphic”) If you get the error again, you’ll have to keep removing the word logo until it will save.

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I wrote a Gig Title which got me a pat on the back saying just perfect. Then when I got to the end of the overview and I hit save. What happens? I get a note saying the title is no good. It needs spaces, letters and numbers. So I add the number of words I will provide and I still get the same note, along with one chastising me for having a title that is too long. This is very frustrating and there does not appear to be any instructions of any worth.

Example title: promote you on twitter/facebook

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I’m having the same issue and all I am typing for my title is:
“I will create a high converting product/service image” every time I enter it I get
"Gig title should consist of letters, numbers, and spaces" and I thought it might be the “/” but it’s not that so I have no clue. Any suggestions.

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i m new on fiverr. anyone help??

sure. you’re copyright infringing using mario images in your gig.

You’re not going to get $70 orders right off the bat from people as a new seller, make some smaller gig packages that are cheaper.

you have no profile image. Get one that isn’t ripped off the internet, make it of you and have you smiling.

Tighten up your English in your descriptions and profile

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