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A College Drop-out - Fiverr Made It Possible...Found My True Talents


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Hi guys!
I am just a level 2 seller but I would like to share my Fiverr story with you.

I am a college drop-out. I am nothing special.
When I had to stop going to school because of funds, I felt like S*&!t. I am a waitress despite the fact that I was once “the Asian nerd” at school. My dad isn’t so proud of me anymore. But what do you do? Life takes you a rough ride. In fact, I love riding roller coasters ;))

I love interacting with my customers; at the restaurant, and on Fiverr. You leave it at that. Haha.

When I first discovered Fiverr, I did not concern what Fiverr could do for me. I was quite skeptical about them taking 20% of my earnings. I felt like it wasn’t worth my time. But the more Fiverr became popular and gaining more users, I feel that the more I was getting new orders. We are growing together.

I was once going to school to become a medical professional. Now? I actually found something I am naturally good at. Translation. - Any Korean can try to translate an english document, word for word, but an experienced translator translates the soul of the document. - make it make sense and let the readers of the translated doc really feel and understand what was written originally. Without some experiences, it is hard to translate many kinds of the docs.

Thank you Fiverr. My goal is now to make this into a career. I am going to launch a YouTube channel - this idea was brought up interating with one of my buyers. Fiverr is the real internet world of Entrepreneurs.

Share your story with me!

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