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Check out the Fiverr Academy and the link at the bottom about ways to make sales (not sells) and work on your communication skills. After improving communication, Bidding on Buyer Requests might help. I would reconsider selling any gigs for proofreading/writing in English without at least a year of intense study.

Unless you sell PLR or spun work (which you need to say in your gigs) buyers want strong English skills. I am a native speaker with a degree but I outsource serious proofreading because it’s easy to miss your own mistakes unless proofing/editing is a strong skill set for you. More on promotion, but I think it will help you more on gigs that don’t require serious English fluencty :

FIV_Favicon_v1-Green.png.cd5266dd98e7eba815fa8ec597b1d2d2.png Fiverr Forum – 21 Mar 15

How I use Social Media to Market my Fiverr Gigs [ARCHIVED]

I’ve gotten this question a few times, and although I generally give the super-short answer, I recently decided to get very long-winded with another Fiverr seller. I thought about it, and in the end I decided that the advice was worth enough effort...

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I joined Fiverr in mid-July and within three weeks I have completed 14 orders. The secret is that I have worked around the clock; I learnt from an article that I read in the Fiverr Academy that to be successful on Fiverr, I will have to work for 24 hours. I made sure that I used up my 10 chances to bid on the buyer request and stayed at alert to respond to every mail and order that beeps on my inbox or notification box. I shared my gigs in all the social media where I have an affiliate. Above all, I was putting 300% effort to pleasing my buyers and in turn, they kept tipping me and giving me 4 to 5-star reviews. I also made the forum my companion. When I don’t have any job, I enter the forum to read through the tips and sometimes leave my own comment.
I am sure that if you would follow some of these steps that I followed You will start selling as well. Finally, pay attention to your English language grammar, especially if you would be working with an English speaker.

I wish you good luck.

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